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Learn what guests can modify in their reservations
Learn what guests can modify in their reservations
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💡 Important to know:

To set up cancellation policies, go to Direct booking > Setup > Cancellations.

What are cancellation policies and penalties?

Your property’s cancellation policies and penalties are rules set by you, and are applied to reservations made through your direct booking engine. These policies and penalties can be set at the property level or the room rate level, and will trigger messaging for your guests to see during their booking journey.

What your guests see will depend on whether you have enabled or disabled your policy settings, and how you’ve configured your penalty rules.

When do guests see cancellation messaging?

If booking cancellations are allowed on BOTH the property and the room rate level, guests can cancel a booking by themselves. Cancellation policies and penalties can be set up to determine whether the guest will be charged a fee for cancelling based on conditions such as the number of days before check-in.

Direct booking guest self-service enablement: cancel/modify

What can guests modify in their reservation?

Guests are able to modify their own reservation only if your cancellation settings are enabled and your cancellation penalties allow it.

They will be able to modify:

  • Their check-in and check-out dates, if the same room is available.

  • The number of guests, if the room fits all occupants.

  • Their personal details, including first name, last name, address, e-mail address and phone number.

  • Their arrival time, if this is in line with your property’s rules.

  • Some personal requests, if this is in line with your property’s rules.

  • Any custom fields you may have defined.

There are certain limitations to what guests can self-modify. In some cases, they will have to cancel, rebook, or contact your property to make the changes.

These include:

  • Changing room types.

  • Changing rate plans.

  • Changing their credit card details.

  • Changing an applied promo code.

  • Modifying a reservation that contains an extra.

  • If a reservation has been booked on the same day a guest is going to check in.

💡 If you do not want your guests to cancel or modify their own reservations, you should disable cancellations at property or rate levels and apply to all dates.

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