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GDS by SiteMinder - Logging In & Password Resets
GDS by SiteMinder - Logging In & Password Resets
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How to Log In to the GDS by SiteMinder Extranet:

GDS by SiteMinder extranet URL:

GDS by Site Minder username and password:

  • Your username will have been provided to you by your GDS by SiteMinder Team via email.

  • A temporary password will have been sent in a separate email, to the email address with which your user access was created.

(If you have not received either of the above, please notify your regional GDS by SiteMinder team.)

Troubleshooting Login Issues & Password Resets:

Password has ‘expired’ and it is asking for an ‘old password’?

  • 'Old Password' = Temporary Password (The same one emailed to you when you first log in, or have requested a password reset).

  • Copy and paste it from the email into the 'Old Password' field. Then enter the new password of your choice.

New Password not accepted?

  • Check that you have followed the password rules.

Unable to proceed past the Security Questions page?

  • If you have answered all 6 Security Questions but are unable to proceed to the next screen, adjust the zoom level on your internet browser and you will then see a ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page. Click on ‘Save’ to proceed.

Waiting on a Credit Card security code, but it has not arrived to your email?

  • Remember to choose the ‘Skip Validation’ option on the credit card validation page; credit card details should instead be retrieved from your Channel Manager.

Need to reset your GDS by SiteMinder account password?

  • If you cannot remember the answers to your security questions, please log a case by emailing your regional GDS by SiteMinder Team and request a password reset. (Remember to provide the username for which you need a password reset)

User access blocked or deactivated?

  • If your user access has been:

- blocked following multiple failed login attempts


- automatically deactivated due to inactivity

you will need to log a Support Case with your regional GDS by SiteMinder team to request assistance to regain access to your account, by emailing:

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):

Multi-Factor Authentication has been introduced to the GDS by SiteMinder extranet to help enhance your online security and to safeguard your login credentials.

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