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Manage your notifications
Manage your notifications
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💡 Important to know:

  • To view your notifications, log in > bell icon on navigation bar.

  • Notifications are related to your connected channels and connectivity only. Notifications regarding channel reservations or connectivity inventory values that have not reached your platform yet should be sent by your channels and connectivity accordingly.

Basics of notifications

When you log in, you’ll find the Notifications bell icon on the navigation bar. These in-app notifications include information about new channel releases, performance issues, disabled channels, and channel rates.

A red bubble with a number next to the bell icon tells you when you have unread notifications. The bubble will disappear after all your notifications have been marked as read or have been deleted.

💡 If you don’t want to read your notifications or just want to get rid of the red bubble, click on Mark all as read.

View all notifications

If you click on the bell icon > View all notifications, you will see all read and unread notifications.

Select a notification and use one of the following buttons:

  • Mark as read : to stop showing the notification as unread.

  • Delete : to permanently remove a notification.

Clicking on a specific notification will open a panel containing the full message.

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