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Use the pace report
Use the pace report

Use the pace report to compare the rate at which bookings are being made as compared to a different period in time.

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About the Pace report

To access the Pace report, go to Insights > Pace.​​​​

The pace report gives you access to pace data for your property. Compare the rate at which bookings are being made in comparison to a different period in time. View one year of forward-looking pace data, and view your historical reservation data. Use data to help track campaigns, identify any revenue issues, and review trends to inform your pricing strategy.

Your property data is sourced from bookings received through all your connected channels, including Direct booking.

View the Pace report

View pace insights for your property. In the graph, view Room revenue and ADR (average daily rate) for the current period compared to last year.

In the table, view key metrics for the current year compared to the current period.

The current period defaults to showing you pace data for the next 30 days, however you can filter the report as needed.

View the following pace data:

  • Reservations — total number of completed reservations.

  • Reservation revenue — the current year’s total revenue, calculated by adding the nightly room rates for all reservations (excluding extras and card surcharges).

  • Room nights — the total number of room nights sold/occupied during the selected date range.

  • Average daily rate — the mean rate per day, calculated by dividing the daily revenue per room by the total number of rooms sold (excluding extras and card surcharges).

The percentages in red or green indicate if the data shows an increase or decrease compared to the previous period. A blue dash (-) will display if there is no data.

To download a pace report into a .csv file, set the report’s filters, then click the Download CSV button at the top of the page.

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