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SiteMinder Payments, our official payment processing solution: frequently asked questions
SiteMinder Payments, our official payment processing solution: frequently asked questions
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Important to know:

  • SiteMinder Payments is our official payment processing solution, and it includes our official payment gateway, SiteMinder Pay.

  • To access SiteMinder Payments, log in > Payments page.


How do I print a payment confirmation?

To print a payment confirmation:

  1. Go to Payments > Transactions.

  2. Locate the transaction, then click to open it.

  3. Click on Print confirmation.

  4. Your web browser will then allow you to print this confirmation or download it as a PDF document.

Does SiteMinder Payments have a point of sale (POS) terminal?

SiteMinder does not currently have a POS terminal for SiteMinder Payments. This means that you cannot swipe or tap credit cards to enter them into the Payment terminal. You must enter the credit card details using your keyboard.

Are transaction details sent to my connectivity?

You can sync your SiteMinder Pay reservation transactions from our platform to your property management system (PMS) — a feature only available to participating property management systems that are enabled to handle payments. Syncing your channel reservation transactions, such as your manual and automated payments and refunds, will help save time and reduce the need to manually record and manage payments separately in your PMS.

Transactions processed via the Payment terminal are not synced: only transactions associated with a channel reservation are supported. To support the payment sync API, the property management system must support the payments feature and must be a participating provider. To find out more, please contact your PMS directly.

How do I take a payment for something other than a reservation?

You can take manual payments using the Payment terminal. The Payment terminal can be used for reservations or any other payment that needs to be taken. To use the Payment terminal, go to Payments > Payment terminal.

What do I do if I’ve processed the wrong amount?

If you’ve processed a payment for the wrong amount, you can use either a refund or manual payment to fix this problem.

  • If the payment was too high — you can make a refund.

  • If the payment was too low — you can take a manual payment.

What is the Payment requests feature?

With the Payment requests feature — available only with our official payment gateway, SiteMinder Pay — you can send a guest a link leading to a secure webpage where they can process a specific payment using an accepted payment card.

How do I deactivate SiteMinder Payments?

To deactivate SiteMinder Payments, you will need to contact our Support team.

Bank accounts:

How long does a payment take to arrive in my bank account?

  • For the SiteMinder Pay payment gateway — a payout will be sent on the same day that a payment is received, and should take approximately 2–7 business days to arrive in your bank account, depending on your bank and location.

  • For third-party payment gateways — third-party payment gateways have their own processing times. Processing times of bank transfers also vary, depending on your region.

How long do I have to process a payment or refund for a reservation?

Many booking channels allow refunds up to 60 days or 90 days after the payment.

  • For the SiteMinder Pay payment gateway — you must process a reservation payment or refund before 7 days after check-out. Guest credit card details are deleted from the platform 7 days after check-out, and cannot be recovered. This is to ensure guests’ data security by complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

  • For third-party payment gateways — third-party payment gateways have their own security policies. For your guests’ security, make sure yours is in compliance with PCI DSS.

How do I update my bank account details?

To update the bank account used with SiteMinder Payments or SiteMinder Pay, please contact our Support team. Our team will need some security information from you before they can make any changes.

This includes:

  • An e-mail from the supervisor of the SiteMinder Payments account

  • Registered business name

  • Account number of the current bank account

  • Account details of the new bank account

  • Reason for this request

  • Date that the bank account should be updated

How do I update the authorised representatives for my SiteMinder Payments account?

If you need to update the authorised representatives for your SiteMinder Payments account, contact our Support team. Ideally, our team will need to speak with the soon-to-be former authorised representatives to provide security information before making any changes. Further security information will be required if the authorised representatives are no longer available.

Make sure to let us know in advance if any of your SiteMinder Payments authorised representatives will change.

Credit cards:

Can SiteMinder Payments, our official payment processing solution, process virtual credit cards (VCC)

SiteMinder Payments supports virtual credit cards and they can be charged in almost the same way as ordinary credit cards. The only difference is that each channel has their own policy on when virtual credit cards can be charged.

When can I charge a virtual credit card (VCC)?

VCCs contain an activation date that determines when the card will be charged. It is usually from the day of check-in to 6 months from booking, and there is no way to change this activation date.

  • For SiteMinder Pay — the VCC can be charged on the activation date.

  • For third-party payment gateways — the VCC is usually charged on the activation date, however channels can have their own policies.

SiteMinder Payments, compliance:

Why is SiteMinder Pay asking for more account information?

For SiteMinder Payments to remain secure and compliant, you will be required to provide additional verification details if:

  • You just signed up.

  • Your payouts have been paused.

  • There has been a policy change.

When this happens, in your Payments page, you will see a notification— Verify my account. Click on this notification and enter the information.

Who has access to edit my SiteMinder Payments account?

Users with certain permissions have access to view or make changes to your SiteMinder Payments account.

General users with Guest payment details permission

Users with a User level of General and with the Guest payment details permission enabled have access to:

  • Process payments;

  • Reveal credit card details.

Admin users

Admin users have full access to Payments and SiteMinder Pay for the property. They are the only users who are able to:

To prevent General users from viewing information about payments, make sure to untick the Guest payment details permission for those users.

How do I keep my Payments account secure?

To keep your Payments account secure:

  • Control who has access to your platform and Payments feature.

  • Create one user account per person in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

  • Ensure two-factor authentication is activated for user accounts as required.

Taxes, accounting, budgets:

How do I find the total revenue received from payments?

To find the total amount of revenue you have received from payments (for tax, accounting, and budgeting purposes), follow these steps:

  1. Go to Payments > Transactions.

  2. Click on Filters.

  3. Select a Date range of 3 months durations or less. And for the Type filter, select Charge.

  4. Click Apply.

  5. Click Export to download a CSV file of the filtered transactions data from the table.

  6. You can then open the file in a spreadsheet application where you can calculate the total revenue.

Why is my account balance or funds in transit amount more or less than expected?

Our support team will be able to investigate this issue. Please contact our Support team.

Does the Payment terminal calculate taxes and promotions?

When you take a payment using the Payment terminal, no taxes are added to charge and no promotions are discounted. Therefore, you must make sure to calculate these yourself, and then to charge an amount that includes any taxes and promotions that apply.

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