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SiteMinder Pay: get started
SiteMinder Pay: get started
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Important to know:

  • SiteMinder Pay is our official payment gateway for the SiteMinder platform.

Introduction to SiteMinder Pay

Once SiteMinder Pay is activated for your platform, you can process payments, manage your transaction and payout activity, send payment requests, set up automated payments and more. Payments helps you save time by automating some manual tasks, and keeping everything organised in one place.


  • Transactions — view and manage all transaction activity including charges and refunds, which can be exported as a CSV file.

  • Payouts — see a summary of your payouts, which includes payout status and estimated arrival date. You can also search for specific payouts with a range of filters, and export a CSV summary.

  • Payment terminal — process payments from guests for walk-ins or extras.

  • Automated payments — create payment rules to automatically charge your guest at different times in their booking journey.

  • Payment requests — create a payment request and send it to your guest so they can make a payment via a secure link using a card of their choice.

  • Auto sync your channel reservation transaction activity to your property management system (PMS) — (for participating PMSs only) automatically syncs your SiteMinder Pay channel transactions to your PMS, saving time and reducing the need to manually record transactions in your PMS.

  • Invoices — view and generate monthly invoices. These invoices are useful for accounting purposes and include total payments, refunds and fees charged for the period.


SiteMinder Pay is available to properties located in the following countries:

Australia • Austria • Belgium • Bulgaria • Canada • Croatia • Cyprus • Czech Republic • Estonia • France • Finland • Germany • Greece • Ireland • Italy • Latvia • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Malaysia • Malta • Mexico • Netherlands • New Zealand • Portugal • Slovakia • Slovenia • Spain • United Kingdom • United States of America

If SiteMinder Pay is not available in your country, you can still enable a third party payment gateway for your Direct Booking reservations.


With SiteMinder Pay, there are no setup or monthly fees, and fees charged for refunds are returned. We only charge a fee per transaction.

Fees vary according to your country, the credit card payment network (MasterCard, Visa, etc), and the type of card (domestic, international, or premium) used for the transaction.

To see which fees are applicable to your property, refer to your SiteMinder Pay activation form.

Please note that international and premium cards may incur a greater transaction fee. Premium cards are as follows (please note that not all cards may be available in your country):

  • American Express

  • China UnionPay

  • Discover & Diners Club

  • Japan Credit Bureau (JCB)

  • Virtual Credit Cards

  • Commercial cards


  1. To get started, go to Payments.

  2. Click on Activate now for SiteMinder Pay.

  3. Select your property and confirm your country to see the fees that apply to transactions in your country.

  4. Enter the details of your business entity (Individual/Sole proprietor or Company).

  5. Click Confirm account verification with Stripe. This will open a new window where you will need to follow the instructions to complete verification of your account.


  • You must be an Admin user to activate Payments.

  • We may review properties before activating their SiteMinder Pay account. This is due to SiteMinder Pay being a financial product, similar to a bank account. We will contact you with the approval outcome within one business day.

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