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Learn about Hostelworld's features
Learn about Hostelworld's features
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💡 Important to know:

  • To connect Hostelworld to our platform, you need a Hostelworld account — if you do not have one, go to Hostelworld’s website,, create an account, and set up your property before proceeding.

Tax exclusive rates

In the Channel settings tab for Hostelworld, you can enable Tax exclusive rates. Set Tax exclusive rates to Yes to indicate your rates exclude taxes, or set to No to indicate your rates include taxes.

💡 Tax configuration must match your tax setting on the Hostelworld extranet.

Deposits and prepay booking types

Hostelworld provides three different options for booking guarantees based on the payment method:

  • Deposit bookings

  • Prepay bookings by bank transfer

  • Prepay bookings by virtual credit card (VCC)

Each type of reservation will be sent to our platform with a guest remark, of which will include the correct commission and deposit values, the remaining booking balance, and indicates how the booking was guaranteed.

Depending on the reservation type, you will see differences in the guest remarks for each type of booking, specifying if the reservation:

  • is a deposit booking;

  • has a remaining balance to be paid by the guest;

  • includes males or females.

Virtual credit cards (VCC)

When a Hostelworld reservation is guaranteed with a virtual credit card (VCC), the amount to be charged is stored against the reservation in our platform so you can easily check the amount to be charged.

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