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Learn about analytics plug-in apps
Learn about analytics plug-in apps
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💡 Important to know:

  • To manage your plug-in apps, go to Direct booking > Configuration > Plug-in apps.

  • You must have an account with a plug-in app to integrate it with your direct booking engine.

  • Some plug-in apps charge fees to use their services — contact the provider directly to find out more.

Your direct booking engine can integrate with a whole host of third-party plug-in apps specifically designed for the hospitality industry, with data analytics plug-in apps helping you track the traffic, performance, and conversion of your direct booking engine.

This article explains what analytics plug-in apps are available, why they can benefit your business, and how to connect them to your direct booking engine.

Integrate Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 enables you to track and report on the performance of your property's direct booking page, measuring direct booking engine traffic, return on investment (ROI for marketing), conversion rates, and funnels.

💡 Note:

  • To integrate Google Analytics 4 with your direct booking engine, you must first create a Google Analytics 4 account, then set up a property and copy the Measurement ID (which will be used during the following steps). For more information, follow Google’s guide, Set up Analytics for a website (GA4).

  • Our support team will only be able to guide you through the steps that need to be done on our side; not from the side of Google Analytics 4’s extranet.

Integrate Meta Pixel Conversion Tracking

The Meta pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions visitors take on your booking engine.

💡 Before integrating with your booking engine, you must create a new Meta Pixel from your Ads manager. Please follow this guide from Meta, and make a copy of the Meta Pixel code that is produced.

To integrate Meta Pixel Conversion Tracking with your direct booking engine:

  1. Go to Direct booking.

  2. Under the Configuration tab, click on the down arrow.

  3. Click on the Plug-in apps tab.

  4. Find Meta Pixel Conversion Tracking and click on it.

  5. Enter your property’s Meta Pixel ID (this is a code provided by Meta).

  6. Don’t forget to Enable. Your conversions will be tracked by the Meta pixel once you have placed ads in the Meta platform.

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