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Map to Airbnb: post-mapping steps
Map to Airbnb: post-mapping steps
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Important to know:

  • For assistance, click on the small information icon (i) next to the fields.

  • If you have further questions regarding Airbnb, please contact their support team.

After mapping to Airbnb

Once you have saved your mapping, your listing will be sent to Airbnb for review. The review may take several days, after which it will be accepted or rejected according to the channel’s criteria.

If your listing was approved

Congratulations! You are now managing Airbnb from our platform, enabling you to centralise your entire inventory and reduce the risk of overbookings across your channels.

Next, follow these steps:

  • Perform a bulk update so your prices and restrictions can be updated on Airbnb.

  • Follow these steps to configure your listing images (and remember that the first picture will be your main photo on Airbnb, so use the best one).

  1. Follow the steps in the section titled ‘Update or disconnect your channel mapping’ in article: Map a room rate to a channel.

  2. Click on Configure, then scroll down to the Media section.

  3. If necessary, drag and drop the images to change their order.

  4. Click on Save.

If your listing was rejected

Here are some possible reasons why Airbnb rejected your listing:

  • The Listing name field has fewer than 12 characters.

  • The Description of the space field has fewer than 50 characters.

  • It has fewer than seven images.

  • One or more images are under 800 x 500 pixels.

  • You have selected fewer than five amenities.

  • The check-in or check-out times are not the same on Airbnb and our platform.

  • The check-in or check-out times are less than three hours.

  • Some fields contain e-mail addresses, website URLs, phone numbers, emojis, repeated special characters, or words in all capital letters.

To resubmit a listing for approval, follow these steps:

  1. Review the error message(s) and fix the specified issue(s).

  2. Review Map to Airbnb: pre-mapping setup and check that you have followed the steps correctly.

  3. Edit the room rate by following the section titled ‘Update or disconnect your channel mapping’ in Map a room rate to a channel. Once you reach step 6, click on Configure.

  4. Review the following details, as required:

  • Room rate settings

  • Advanced notice

  • Occupancy details

  • Extras

  • House rules

  • Additional fees

  • Media

5. Click on Save.

If you need to update the Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Beds, or Facilities, click on the gear icon, and once you are redirected to Room type settings, update the necessary fields.

Switch a listing’s sync on Airbnb

  1. Log in to your Airbnb account and go to your​ Listings page.

  2. Select the listing you want to update.

  3. Click on the Edit selected button.

  4. Click on Sync settings in the Listing details section.

  5. Select either Everything (to manage content and inventory from our platform) or Only sync pricing and availability (to only manage inventory from our platform).

  6. Click on Save.

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to change your sync settings.

Disconnect or delete a listing

There is an important difference between disconnecting and deleting a listing:

  1. Disconnect a listing — the listing will stay on Airbnb but will stop receiving updates from our platform. (Useful if you no longer want to manage a listing from our platform.)

  2. Delete a listing — the listing will be removed permanently, along with the mapping on our platform.

Before deleting a listing, consider the following:

  • Deletion cannot be undone — if you wish to disconnect a listing from our platform without removing it from Airbnb, please select Disconnect from channel.

  • You cannot permanently delete your listing if you have any upcoming reservations or reservation requests; instead, the listing will be unpublished (snoozed) on Airbnb and the mapping removed from our platform, but the reservation(s) can still be managed on Airbnb.

  • Past reviews of your listing will remain on your Airbnb public profile — they cannot be removed.

To disconnect or delete a listing, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Distribution > Channels tab > My channels tab.

  2. Locate Airbnb and click on its ellipsis button (...).

  3. Select Edit room rates mapping from the Channel actions menu.

  4. Locate the listing you want to disconnect or delete, and in the right column, click on it, then select one of the following options:

    1. Disconnect from channel — select this if you want to manage the listing from Airbnb, and click on Confirm to disconnect the listing from our platform.

    2. Delete from channel — select this if you want to remove the listing from both our platform and Airbnb, and click on Confirm to delete it permanently.

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