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Map to Airbnb: room rates
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Map room rates to Airbnb

Mapping your rates to Airbnb will enable you to control the channel’s inventory from our platform.

To create a new Airbnb listing or map to an Airbnb active listing from our platform, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Distribution > Channels > My channels.

  2. Locate Airbnb and click on its ellipsis button (...).

  3. Select Edit rooms rates mapping from the Channel actions menu. (This will open a new page).

  4. Use the Mapping status toggle to select All or Unmapped. ​​

  5. Locate the room rate you want to map and click on the Map to Airbnb button.

  6. If there are active listings on Airbnb, you will be given two options:

    • Map to active listing — select this to choose a listing from a drop-down menu. (Some of the listing content will be populated automatically, but still editable.)

    • Create a new listing — choose this option to create a listing from scratch. (If no listing is active on Airbnb, this will be the only available option.)

  7. Review the below fields — which are retrieved from the listing’s parent room rate settings — and update them as required.

    • Bathrooms — select how many bathrooms your accommodation offers for this listing.

    • Bed type configuration — add or delete bedrooms and their bed types to reflect what is offered in this listing. (You should have at least one bedroom created for the listing in order for it to be visible on Airbnb.)

    • Room facilities — add any facilities offered in this listing by clicking on the field. Select at least five items on the menu.

    • Your library — drag and drop images or click on the ones displayed to upload them to Airbnb. If you see images already loaded, these were uploaded to our platform and can be accessed via your property name in the top right corner > Property settings > Media library.

  8. Once complete, click on Next.

  9. Enter the following details, as required (for help on how to do this, click on these links):

    • Room rate settings

    • Advanced notice

    • Occupancy details

    • Extras

    • House rules

    • Additional fees

    • Media

  10. Click on Save.

💡 Once saving has been completed and mapping has started you may see a message saying Unable to locate — this is NOT an error and is expected. After the listing information reaches Airbnb and has been approved by them, the message will disappear.

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