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Dashboard, property, channel, and connectivities status: FAQ
Dashboard, property, channel, and connectivities status: FAQ

FAQs about error messages and notifications found on your Dashboard under Property Status, Channel Status, and Connectivities status.

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When you log in to your SiteMinder platform, you’ll land on your Dashboard page, which includes a summary of your today’s reservations, and available room types. You will also see your Property Status, Channel Status, and Connectivities status, which includes any alerts for your property, or for your channel and PMS/RMS/CRS connections.

Why do I see “Channels experiencing slow updates”?

These are the most common causes for delayed updates:

  • Many updates made — multiple updates sometimes get queued while they wait to be implemented, and can take a while to synchronise.

  • Scheduled maintenance to channel — this could cause a short interruption to the service.

  • Incorrect channel settings — settings could be incorrect (for example, your channel’s property code).

Why do I see “Channel room rates disabled”?

A room rate may become temporarily automatically disabled due to a conflict between certain settings. Until the issue is resolved, your inventory for the affected room rate will not be sent to the channel(s) and reservations may not be delivered to your platform. You must resolve the issue, then re-enable the room rate to the channel.

These are some common reasons why your channel room rates may become temporarily automatically disabled:

A channel threshold

A value in the Inventory or mapping configuration is either below or above the accepted threshold. Therefore, when your platform sends the value, the channel rejects the update, and the rate becomes automatically disabled. Examples of why this would occur:

  • Maximum length of stay and Minimum length of stay conflict — if you are attempting to set a Minimum length of stay higher than the Maximum length of stay that is currently set (it must always be lower). Fix this by checking both fields on the Inventory calendar (730 days), and either increasing the Maximum length of stay or decreasing the Minimum length of stay of the affected days.

  • Rate exceeds minimum or maximum channel price threshold — the price is either too low or too high for certain dates. You can fix it by checking the Rates on the Inventory calendar (730 days), and either increasing or decreasing the prices for the affected days.

  • Breakfast settings for the channel rate do not match those on the channel extranet — some channels require you to set up your mapping to exactly match the channel settings. Not matching them could lead to a disabled channel rate.

A channel's calendar has no inventory values entered for the rate

This could happen if you recently connected the channel or the disabled rate. Some channels require placeholder values on their extranet calendar for future dates (for example, you can enter “999” rates for the next two years). This way, your platform can override these placeholder values during the first update.

The channel rate contract needs to be extended

Your channel contract has a minimum number of nights allowed to connect with your platform, often around 400 days. Extend the contract if necessary.

Why do I see “Channel connection interrupted”?

This signals a problem with the connection between the channel and your property platform. You can usually find information about the issue and how to solve it on the Channel connection interrupted error message.

Here are some possible causes:

  • Channel added but not enabled — the added channel may not have been mapped and/or enabled after mapping.

  • Scheduled maintenance — all systems (channels’ extranets as well as your platform) need scheduled maintenance, which may cause short interruptions to the service. You should receive a notification before the maintenance begins.

  • Systems overload — there may be a temporary performance issue between the channel and your platform. Technical teams require time to investigate and fix the problem. You should receive a notification before the interruption and once it is resolved.

What could cause a “Reservation delivery failure”?

Please check the error message you receive via e-mail notification for details on why the reservation delivery failed.

Why do I have “Unconfirmed reservations requiring action”?

Reservations made via your direct booking engine may be created as unconfirmed when an issue has occurred during the payment process.

When this happens, the reservation will be pending for a short period of time, then the reservation status will become unconfirmed.

If you have any Unconfirmed reservations for your direct booking engine, you should check your payment gateway to see if the payment has been received and that you still have inventory available for the reservation. Then you need to either Confirm reservation or Discard reservation.

I have unmapped rates showing in the Connectivities status — why?

The Connectivities status shows how many room rates are mapped to your connected PMS, RMS, or CRS, out of the total number of existing room rates in your platform. You will see the message “X of Y rates mapped”. If the values don’t match, it means that you have unmapped rates.

To avoid overbookings or missed reservations, you must make sure you map all of your required room rates from your SiteMinder platform to your property management system (PMS), revenue management system (RMS) or central reservations systems (CRS) that you have connected in Distribution > Connectivities.

If a room rate is not mapped to your PMS, RMS, or CRS, it means that:

  • Availability, rate and restriction updates made in your connected PMS, RMS or CRS will not be sent to your SiteMinder platform or to your connected channel(s), and vice versa.

  • If an unmapped rate is booked on a connected channel, the reservation will not be sent through to your PMS, RMS, or CRS.

To review and map any unmapped rates to your connected PMS, RMS, or CRS, review the Connectivities status on your dashboard. If not all rates are mapped, click on the status, or go directly to Distribution > Connectivities > Room and Rate Mapping > Unmapped to map them.

The Connectivities status will not be shown if you do not have a PMS, RMS, or CRS connected, or if no room rates are created yet in your platform.

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