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How much detail should you include in your offers?
How much detail should you include in your offers?

Getting the balance right between too little and too much makes a big difference to the success of your offer.

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Something that we see fairly often is a property under-performing with its upsell figures. A common reason for this is the amount of detail included in the offer description.

Too little information, and a guest will not be convinced to buy, because they will not be sure what they will get.

Too much information, and your guest might even be put off reading through all of it, and you lose your chance at making the sale.

Let's have a look at common mistakes.

Not enough information

This is a terrible situation! The guest will know nothing about the benefits of upgrading their room! Just think about it - would you upgrade your room, based on this content?

Too much information

It's wonderful to have detail, but there is such a thing as too much detail. This offer definitely suffers from being a "Wall of text", which upon seeing, your guest is unlikely to take the time to read through - especially if they are viewing it on their phone.

Finding the balance

As usual, the solution lies halfway between the first and second examples.

The problem with the first example is that there was no "sell"; the absence o meaningful details about the upgrade meant there was nothing to help sell the guest on the idea of the upgrade.

The problem with the second example was information overload - something that frequently stops guests from reading your content, and thus being convinced to buy.

In our balanced example above, we've taken the key benefits of the better room type, but rather than just list them, we've taken the time to write a short but informative narrative which still includes all of those benefits, but without overwhelming the guest.

In short, we took the human approach to framing the offer!

So, how are your offers performing? Is it time to review your content?

If you'd like any help in converting your existing offers to be more human, feel free to get in touch with us and we will happily assist!

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