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Additional ways to personalise your emails
Additional ways to personalise your emails

Include more information from the reservation in each email.

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As you already know, we can personalise the emails sent to your guest but using tags - these act as placeholders, and when we generate an email for a guest, we enter the relevant data from the reservation.

The most common example is addressing your guest:

You've probably seen, under the Body text box, all the tags that you're able to use:

These are the tags which are universal - they are available for everyone. But now, you can include any of the data that Guest Engagement receives in your reservations!

The fastest way to check what data you have available is to open an guest profile; here is one example:

So potentially, any of that information can be included in your emails!

How to get the tags for your desired fields

Because every PMS is different, so too are the tags that you will need. Please contact support and let us know which tags you are after, and we will send them to you quickly!

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