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Why did I suddenly receive several Guest Engagement emails?
Why did I suddenly receive several Guest Engagement emails?

Don't panic - your guests are more than likely not experiencing any issue at all

Updated over a week ago

Whether you are still setting up Guest Engagement, or whether you are now live and using the platform as part of your day to day, sometimes you might find you receive several Guest Engagement emails at once.

Time to panic? Not yet!

The most common reason why this occurs is because of sending yourself test emails when editing Scheduled emails:

Every time you send yourself a test email here, the system automatically creates a new reservation based on you, the logged-in user.

This is because we need to have a reservation to base the personalised content on; for example if you have used the tag ###{{guest.first_name}}, we need to actually have some content to insert there!

So while you have been happily sending yourself several test emails, this means that once/if your system is live, the rest of the scheduled emails you have active will send based on the rules you have put in place.

So, no reason to panic if you receive several emails out of the blue. If you have any doubts about your situation, please feel free to raise it with support.

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