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An introduction to the check-in module
An introduction to the check-in module

Learn about how it works and the capabilities it has

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The check-in experience

The check-in module is designed to be the simplest and most effective way for your guests to provide their check-in data prior to their arrival.

Depending on the PMS in use at your property, this data will either be directly updated into your PMS, or delivered to your property via email.

It starts with an email

Set up a check-in email to be sent to your guest when you decide it should. All properties are different, but most of the time customers tend to have this email 2 days prior to the guest's arrival.

The call to action button in this email will take your guest to the check-in form. Note that the guest can also access the check-in form from the Concierge:

The check-in form

The check-in form is fully customisable, with a wide array of features available. It is designed for mobile-first, in line with the trend for more and more guests completing such activities on their smartphones.

The data comes back to you

After the guest submits the form, the data is sent, and the guest's profile in Guest Engagement is updated:

Now, depending on which PMS you have, this data would also be updated in the PMS. If we don't have a 2-way integration with your PMS, this data will be emailed back to your property and will need to be updated in the PMS manually.

Stages of the check-in form

Number of people to check-in

This is where the guest will choose how many people to check in. Note that with some PMSs, a limit is placed on how many people can be checked in based on the number of pax listed in the reservation.

Main guest

Now the main guest provides their details. Note you have full control over which fields are mandatory. We'll go into more depth about the types of questions and features in the next article.

Additional guests

You can also determine which questions need to be answered for additional guests. Usually, only a few questions need to be asked of these guests.

Terms and Conditions

You can also include the terms and conditions of your property, to which the guest must agree with and acknowledge, in order to submit the form.

Digital signature

The guest can then sign the form - either with their mouse if using a computer, or with their finger on their smart device.


You can securely collect guests' credit card details, and charge them if necessary, eg. for incidentals, cleaning fee, etc.

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