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Practical examples of Announcement emails
Practical examples of Announcement emails

Learn the many different ways you can utilise announcement emails at your property!

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The following are some examples of how Announcement emails can be utilised at your property; this page will continue to grow as our customers come up with even more creative uses for them 😉

Valentine's day

Inform guests who are staying with you on Valentine's day of the special offers available for a bit of romance!

Roadworks / construction at the property

We had one hotel which, for a period of 3 weeks, had construction works on the road and footpath outside the main entrance of the property.

The hotel sent an email to all guests arriving during the 3 week period to inform them of the alternative access to the property.

Event in the hotel or local area

Say an event was happening either at your property, or in the local area, and you'd like to inform guests that it's happening during their stay with you.

You can select all the guests staying with you while that event is happening and let them know about it!

For example, you can see above a beautiful Christmas market in Tallinn. Almost all of our Tallinn-based hotels will send an announcement email to guests staying with them while the market is on, so that guests know exactly where to go, what to expect, open times, etc 🙂

Maintenance issue at your property

You may wish to send an announcement to guests informing them of the unavailability of a facility or service due to maintenance, and so on.

For example, it could be a facility such as gym, pool, spa, restaurant, recreation room, business room, and so on are not available.

Or it could be a service; we've seen one example of an announcement sent because the lift in a 5 storey building was only able to go as high as the 4th floor.

Communicating cancellation terms

Everyone was affected by COVID-19, but especially the hospitality sector. Once it became obvious that closures were inevitable, many hoteliers needed a way of communicating cancellation terms to guests who wouldn't be able to stay anymore.

Inviting guests to stay again

Once hotels had permission to open again, many wanted to send an email to those guests who couldn't stay, inviting them to book again, perhaps even offering them a discount code for booking directly.

What else could you use announcements for? 🤔

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