Set up your digital guest directory
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Learn how to create the content of your digital guest directory, previewing how your directory appears on mobile and desktop and the steps to making it accessible to your guests so that they can view everything they need to know for their stay.

Action items 🔧

➡️ Add content by choosing from our selection of info cards or curate your very own

➡️ Preview your directory on mobile and desktop

➡️ Publish your directory for guests to access by printing and displaying a QR code

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Top tips 💡

✔️ You can replace the demo content with your own texts, images, videos, or links.

✔️ Remember to delete the info cards you don’t need.

✔️ If you have a physical guest folder, you can digitise your existing content in no time.

✔️ There’s no limit to the number of info cards you can create!

✔️ Post your QR code in guest rooms and reception area.

✔️ Amend any directory content in the future without reprinting your QR code.

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