Set up guest feedback
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Learn how to add the questions that you want to include on your guest survey form, choose the response format, how to modify the survey welcome page and completion message after form submission, previewing your survey form, the basic steps to adding the email address to receive notifications when guests leave feedback and configuring the best time to send your survey for better results.

Action items 🔧

➡️ Choose from our question examples or make your own

➡️ Select the response format and add the answers that the guest can choose

➡️ Customise the form welcome page and completion message after form submission

➡️ Test your survey form and see what it will look like for guests

➡️ Decide on the best time to send your guest survey form

➡️ Specify who should get notified when guests leave feedback

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Creating your survey

Feedback module configuration

Deciding on a feedback workflow

Best practices for survey questions 💡

✔️ In addition to post-stay surveys you can use an in-stay survey to catch potential issues and resolve them before the guest leaves, this helps reduce poor reviews and can improve your online reputation.

✔️ An in-stay survey is usually no more than 2 questions: how would they rate their stay so far and if there is anything that can be done to improve their stay.

✔️ Browse our collection of great questions you can pose to your guests in your survey.

✔️ Avoid making your survey excessively long to increase response rates.

✔️ We recommend between 5 to 10 questions at the most.

✔️ Keep your language simple and specific.

✔️ Do not put two questions into one (for example: How were the food and ambiance).

✔️ Use open-ended questions sparingly because they are difficult to consolidate and require more effort for a guest to answer.

✔️ To get the best results, we recommend sending the post-stay feedback email either on the day of departure, or 1 day after. Of course, there are some properties where waiting a little longer would make sense as the guests could still be in transit.

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