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June 2022 Release Notes
June 2022 Release Notes

Stay up-to-date on what’s new in our monthly round-up of new features and product improvements.

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New features & Improvements

Siteminder Platform: Connectivity Update

  • See below all the new Channels and PMSs you can connect to on SiteMinder Platform:

    • Hotelbeds,

    • HRS,

    • PriceTravel,

    • SynXis,

    • GDS by SiteMinder,

    • Protel,

    • Timon hotel PMSs,

Distribution: Lifecycle Audits

  • We've released a new feature called the Lifecycle Audit in your channel manager that allows you to check the Audit logs for your channel room rates, your channel settings, and the yield rules set up.

Demand Plus: TripAdvisor performance data

  • You are now able to see TripAdvisor performance data. Simply check out your Demand Plus Performance page to see this report.

Smart Guide for Hoteliers

  • Now you will be able to access a guide directly at the top of your dashboard that will provide you with a personalised checklist of tasks that you can do to optimise your property on SiteMinder.

  • Please note for now this is only available if you don’t have a connection with a PMS.

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