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Multi-Property: Rates and Distribution
Updated over a week ago

Multi-Property manages rates and distribution settings across a portfolio of properties, enabling you to create, edit, and delete rate plans in bulk from Distribution > Rate plans. You can also map properties’ room rates to integrations* and channels in batches with just a few clicks — we call this ‘bulk mapping’.

Complex distribution strategies spanning multiple properties, channels, and integrations can be reviewed and managed from a single view in Distribution > Matrix. From this centralised view, users can easily detect configuration issues with their properties.

Multi-Property also saves you time and effort when creating special seasonal offers. For example, you can create a new rate plan offer — a ‘Valentine’s Day deal’, ‘Mid-week special’, etc., — for all of your properties without having to create them individually via each property’s channel manager. Once the room types are assigned to the rate plan, you can easily map the room rates to your integrations and channels within minutes.

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