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GDS by SiteMinder - How to run an invoiced transactions report
GDS by SiteMinder - How to run an invoiced transactions report
Updated over a week ago

Question: I have received an invoice for GDS by SiteMinder. What report can I run to show the reservations for this invoice?

Answer: You can run an Invoiced Transactions Report

To run an Invoiced Transactions Report:

  1. Login to GDS by SiteMinder

  2. Click the following:

    1. Reports

    2. Reports

    3. Billing

    4. Invoiced Transactions

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  3. In the Hotel(s) section, click Search to find for your property

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  4. Type in your property and click the Search button

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  5. Your property name will appear in the search results below. Select your property by ticking the box to the left of the screen and click on + Add Selected

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    Your property name will appear now appear in the Hotel(s) field.

  6. Select your Start Date and End Date

  7. Click Generate Report at the top of the screen to run the report

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    Report results will appear in a new pop-up window

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  8. Save the file as PDF by clicking on the disk icon, select PDF from the dropdown menu

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