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GDS by SiteMinder - FAQ
GDS by SiteMinder - FAQ
Updated over a week ago

How do I search and view the reservation details in GDS by SiteMinder?

If you have a Booking Confirmation number:
• Log in to GDS by SiteMinder
• Go to Manage , select Reservations then select Search Reservations
• In the Search Type drop down box, select Confirmation Number and enter the booking confirmation number into the Confirmation Number field then click Search
• The Reservation Information will appear on the next screen where you will see details of the reservation

Note: Credit card details for a reservation can be found in The Channel Manager.

Are credit card details in a reservation visible in GDS by SiteMinder?

No, credit card details are masked in GDS by SiteMinder however you can see credit card details in the Channel Manager.

Can a property have two GDS chain codes?

No, a hotel cannot be represented twice in the Global Distribution System under two different chain codes.

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