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Manage your transactions
Manage your transactions
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💡 Important to know:

  • To access this feature, go to Payments > Transactions tab.

  • Payments must be enabled to access Transactions. You can enable Payments by choosing a payment gateway and following the instructions.

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Introduction to Transactions

Transactions include all charges and refunds that have been made through the platform—both automatic and manual. You can access the full details of these transactions, which are necessary for day-to-day tasks and payment reconciliation.

View transactions

  1. Go to Payments > Transactions tab.

  2. The transactions are displayed in a table, including:

    • Transaction type - this indicates whether the transaction is a Charge or Refund.

    • A lightning bolt symbol on some transactions indicates that the transaction was processed by Automated payments.

  3. Click on any transaction to view its details.

  4. Or use the Filters button to search and export a summary.

Filter and export

The filters are displayed above the Transactions table, but on smaller screens, they appear as a Filters button that opens a side panel.

  • Search - by name or reservation number.

  • Date range - filter by reservation start or end date.

  • Amount - filter by a minimum amount, a maximum amount, or both.

  • Type - filter by Refund or Charge.

  • Click on Apply to search on your selected filters before exporting.

  • Click on Export and a CSV file will be downloaded to your computer. You can open this file using spreadsheet software.

💡 You must apply a filter before exporting the data.

Navigate transaction details

If you click and open a specific transaction, the details include:

  • Payment details - the key details of the transaction including amount, fees, date, and source channel. Some fields to understand are:

  • The status label at the top-right of the Payment details - the status of the transaction is either:

    • Succeeded - the charge transaction has completed successfully, and the funds will be added to your Account balance soon.

    • Refunded - the refund transaction has completed successfully, and the funds will be returned to the payer’s bank account soon. Note: this status also applies to charge transactions that have been fully refunded.

    • Failed - the transaction has been unsuccessful, and the funds will not be transferred.

  • Transaction ID - a unique identifier of the transaction.

  • Reservation ID - a reference to the reservation that the transaction relates to.

  • Associated payout - if this transaction has not been paid out, this field will say “To be generated”. Or, if the transaction has been paid out, this field will contain a link to the payout.

  • Print confirmation - this will open a preview of the printable view of this page. You can then choose to print this page at a connected printer.

  • Refund - this will open a page where you can make a partial or full refund of the transaction.

  • Card details - the details of the credit card used to make the payment. The card number will not be visible unless you are an Admin user or have the Guest payment details permission.

  • Associated refunds - if any refunds of this payment have been made, they will be listed in this section. This includes both partial and full refunds.

💡 The Transactions page includes a summary of the account balance and payouts. This is the same as the summary on the Payouts page.

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