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Activate Tripadvisor Plus or Tripadvisor Instant Booking
Activate Tripadvisor Plus or Tripadvisor Instant Booking
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💡 Important to know

  • Tripadvisor can be connected to your channel manager by the ‘Tripadvisor Plus / Tripadvisor Instant Booking’ channel. Once connected, you can only activate either Tripadvisor Plus or Tripadvisor Instant Booking to complete the connection.

Activate the Tripadvisor Plus / Tripadvisor Instant Booking channel

Tripadvisor is one of the world’s largest and most popular channels that can be connected to the property platform. The channel manager allows you to map to Tripadvisor in unique and sophisticated ways, enabling you to get the most out of this dynamic and vibrant channel.

To get started, go to the Distribution tab > Channels > All channels.

Choose Tripadvisor Plus or Tripadvisor Instant Booking

When connecting the ‘Tripadvisor Plus / Instant Booking’ channel to your property platform you must contact your Tripadvisor account manager to activate either Tripadvisor Plus or Instant Booking before the connection becomes active.

Tripadvisor Plus is the channel’s latest travel subscription service providing rewards to guests who subscribe to the service and book your rooms through Tripadvisor.

Properties signed up to Tripadvisor Plus also receive special badges on the Tripadvisor platform, along with increased visibility. And because properties can join the program for free with no upfront cost, it can help increase bookings at a lower cost compared to other channels.

Tripadvisor Instant Booking, on the other hand, is available to all guests with or without a Tripadvisor Plus subscription, listing your rates beside other options on Tripadvisor. Properties pay a commission on reservations received via Tripadvisor Instant Booking.

You can check your property's eligibility for Tripadvisor Instant Booking here

💡 Please note: only one of these can be connected to your channel manager at a time.

Complete your activation

Once you have connected to Tripadvisor, you’ll need to complete your activation. This is also when you’ll have to decide whether to activate Tripadvisor Plus or Tripadvisor Instant Booking.

Once you’ve chosen, follow the relevant instructions below.

Option one: complete the activation with Tripadvisor Plus

Fill in all of the channel details in the channel manager, set up your taxes and fees, map your room rates, and enable the channel connection. You may then complete the activation process with Tripadvisor.

  1. Contact your Tripadvisor Account Manager and provide them with the following information:

    • Confirmation that you have agreed to the Tripadvisor Plus agreement.

    • Confirmation that the taxes and fees on your rates are competitive.

    • Confirmation that you maintain good availability of rooms throughout the year.

  2. Sign in to your Tripadvisor account or create a new account and connect it to your channel manager.

If you are signing in to an existing Tripadvisor account, make sure the distribution information in your platform and Tripadvisor match. You should check the name, address, phone number, latitude and longitude.

Option two: complete the activation with Tripadvisor Instant Booking

Once you have mapped your room rates, it can take up to 48 hours before you can complete the activation on Tripadvisor. Complete the activation by either signing in to your existing Tripadvisor account or creating a new account for free.

During the self sign-up process, you will need to confirm the information sent by the channel manager for the various room rates, select your Instant Booking commission rate, and set up your payment information.

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