Additional services

Adding the services available at your property to the Concierge

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The additional services appear at the bottom of your Concierge. It is intended to be a simple way of letting your guest know what's available at your property:

Adding services available at your property

  1. Choose the language for which you want to add a service (Note that for each language you have activate, you will need to add each service individually. This is different to Offers, for example, where the offer exists in all languages but you need to add the text in each language in the offer).

  2. Click the Add new button. A dialogue appears.

  1. Add the text of the service.

  2. Choose the icon you want to represent the service.

  3. Click Save when you're done.

  1. Click and drag a service to re-order the list.

  2. Click Delete to remove the service.

  3. Click Edit to modify the text and icon of the service.

Best practices for additional services

  • Have at least 4 services listed for your property, for aesthetic purposes

  • Avoid making the service name (or description) too long

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