Advice for reaching your property

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What is it?

Directions can be added to your Concierge to provide your guest with advice on the best way to reach your property from various land marks.

Modifying directions to your property

  1. Choose the language for which you want to add a direction (Note that for each language activated in Guest Engagement, you will need to add each direction individually. This is different to Offers, for example, where the offer exists in all languages but you need to add the text in each language in the offer).

  2. Click the Add new button. A dialogue appears.

  1. Add the title for this direction.

  2. Select the most appropriate icon for the direction.

  3. Add your instruction text. There are some basic formatting tools at your disposal.

  4. Click Save when you're done.

  1. Click and drag a direction to re-order the list.

  2. Click Delete to remove the direction.

  3. Click Edit to modify the text and icon of the direction.

Best practice for directions

  • Directions can be super useful for your guests, especially if your property is tricky to find!

  • Add as much detail as necessary in order to assist your guest. This can include things such as step by step instructions on navigating the metro, for example.

  • Directions can also be used to inform guests that you have services they could purchase from you, for example airport transfers to take the stress out of getting to your property.

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