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When a guest orders something, who will be emailed about it?
When a guest orders something, who will be emailed about it?

There are many different ways to control who should be emailed when guests order from your Concierge.

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Depending on the needs of your property, there are several ways you can direct emails to different people when guests order from the Concierge page.

The most common scenario is that when guests order, an email is sent to the main hotel email address. This is the email address stored in the setting, Settings > Emails > Hotel email address:

On the same page, note that you can add alternative email addresses for various Guest Engagement email types, including offer confirmations:

If you want a different recipient to receive offer confirmations, you can enter the email address here.

You can have multiple email addresses, too - simply separate each address with a comma (no spaces).

Note that if you enter an alternative email address into the Offer confirmations field, then the Hotel email address will NOT receive an email. If you want the main hotel address to also receive the email, you will need to add the address to the Offer confirmation field.

Setting the email address to notify on a per-offer basis

If required, you can even set the email address to receive emails on an individual offer basis.

To do so, open your offer, and go to the Advanced tab. Note the field Order request email - this is where you can put an alternative email address for the offer request to be sent to:

As with before, if you do enter an alternative email address in this field, then the main hotel email address will NOT be emailed. Add the main hotel email address here too if required.

To summarise

The logic used when deciding who to notify of new orders works like this:

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