Guest list

The reservations that Guest Engagement has received from your PMS or CM

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When you first load the guest list, it will show you all of your guests arriving from today onward.

  1. Filter area: By default, your guest list will show the coming 30 days' reservations. You can adjust these filters as you see fit; click into the Add filter box to filter by other elements, for example guest name, room type, etc. Note the other filter that is active by default - View only emailable guests - Yes - this filter means that you are only seeing reservations with a valid email address. Disabling this filter will also show cancelled reservations, duplicate reservations, and reservations of guests who have unsubscribed from receiving emails.

  2. If you have the Guest Engagement Campaigns module, this button will appear. It allows you to filter your reservation list, and then push the resulting guests to become subscribers. It is up to you to use this function in accordance with the laws where you operate; for example, the GDPR in the case of European customers.

  3. You can export the current selection to a spreadsheet.

  4. Click the guest name to open their profile.

Viewing a guest profile

Let's take a look at the various information contained in a guest profile.

Guest information panel

Contains all the information received from your PMS/channel manager about this reservation. The data shown depends on each PMS type and will vary.

If the guest gives you a post-stay rating, it will be visible under their name.

There is a button to unsubscribe a guest from receiving emails for this stay only. Note that if you want to permanently unsubscribe a guest, you need to add their email address to Emails > Global exclusions. Of course, a guest can always unsubscribe themselves from the unsubscribe link in the emails Guest Engagement sends.

You can also remove this reservation altogether. Note that if you manually remove a reservation, it will not re-appear next time the data is synchronised with your PMS or channel manager.

Also, if a guest checks in or sends a special request, the data they sent to your property will also be shown here, beneath the reservation data.

Related reservations table

Any previous reservations this guest has had will be displayed in this table, along with a high level summary of the activities they completed for each.

Guest activities panel

The tabs that are always visible in this panel are Emails, where you can see when each of your email is scheduled to send to this guest (and also send them manually), and Activity timeline, which records every interaction a guest has with Guest Engagement.

An additional tab will be displayed when a guest completes each action type; for example, completing your survey.

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