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GDS by SiteMinder - How to set up subscriptions for reports
GDS by SiteMinder - How to set up subscriptions for reports
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You can set up subscriptions for reports that will allow you to schedule specific reports for delivery by email on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The below instructions explain how to set up a subscription schedule for a Rate Production report.

  1. Log in to GDS by SiteMinder

  2. Go to Reports > Reports > Rates

  3. Select the report you wish to schedule. Example: Rate Production

  4. Click on Subscribe to set up the subscription for the Rate Production report

  5. If there are no existing subscriptions then you will see the message: No current subscriptions above the Report options.

  6. In the Report Options section, enter the criteria for the report as if you were going to run the report. See example at the end of these instructions.

    • Enter the Email Address(es). Your user ID appears in the email address box by default. Enter email addresses that you would like to send the report to, separated by semi-colons.

    • Enter the Subject. The subject field is the email subject line sent to the recipient.

    • Select the Attachment format. The Attachment formats offered for attachments are the same options as printing reports. It is recommend to select Excel as the Attachment format.

    • Note: The Attachment format checkbox allows you to choose to include the image as an embedded format in the email, but that usually makes the sending and receiving of the email a longer download process. Also, some mail servers have limitations on the size of the email messages that might restrict the download of the email if too large. It is recommended not to tick the box 'Include embedded HTML in Email'.

  7. ​Save once you have set the report and scheduling criteria.

  8. You will then see the subscription has been created.


Example: Rate Production report and Subscription Scheduling criteria

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