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GDS by SiteMinder - 2020 GDS Price Rise FAQs
GDS by SiteMinder - 2020 GDS Price Rise FAQs
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When does the pricing adjustment come into effect?

1st April 2020 and first invoice with the new price to be issued mid-May 2020.

Why did the price of the GDS service increase?

Annually in February, our technology vendor increases the cost of the service. SiteMinder needs to make the necessary adjustments to cover the increases.

Will the pricing adjustment apply to all my products?

This price adjustment is only for the GDS by SiteMinder services on confirmed stays, there is no adjustment to monthly fee, image or marketing charges.

Will the pricing adjustment apply to all the properties I manage?

The price adjustment might not apply to all of the properties you are managing. For all properties who signed up after 1st May 2019, the price adjustment does not apply.

Do I need to do anything to change my payment or Direct Debit?

If you have set up AutoPay or Direct Debit you don’t have to do anything. The adjusted amount will be automatically drawn from your nominated bank account or credit card when the invoices are due.

Can I change my method of payment?

Yes, you can. We have a number of payment options available to help you manage your payments, such as AutoPay. For our full list of available payment methods, please visit

What if I have a question?

If you have a question in relation to your price increase, please contact your GDS Accounts Manager as per the email communications.

The current Global GDS Account Manager is: (last updated May 2020)

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