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View reservation payment credit card details
View reservation payment credit card details
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💡 Important to note:

  • To view reservation payment credit card details, go to your Reservations page.

User payment permissions

Payment card details are included in the reservation details provided by most booking channels; therefore, only users with access to the Reservations page can access guest’s payment card details:

  • Admin users

  • General users with Reservation access

View a reservation's payment card details

  1. Go to the Reservations page.

  2. Follow the article View a reservation to find and open the reservation you are looking for.

  3. Under the Credit card details section, click on the eye icon to view the full details.

  4. An e-mail containing a security code will be sent automatically to your user account e-mail address. Enter the security code to view the full payment card details.

  5. Now you will be able to access the full information from the following fields:

    • Card number — without the code, shows only the last four digits of the number.

    • Card expiry — without the code, doesn’t show any information.

    • Card type — shows the payment card brand (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.).

    • Cardholder name — without the code, only the initials of the payment card owner’s name show.

💡 Note:

  • You can view a reservation’s payment card details on our platform for up to seven days after the reservation’s check-out date. If you need to locate the payment card details after this date, you will need to contact the booking channel or the guest directly.

  • If your property has a connectivity integration that supports the secure transmission of payment card details, payment card information will be included within the reservation sent by our platform to them.

  • The term ‘connectivity integrations’ refers to property management systems (PMS), central reservations systems (CRS), and revenue management systems (RMS).

View virtual payment card information

A select number of channels have the capability to indicate to our platform if the payment card is a virtual credit card (VCC). A virtual credit card (VCC) allows the channel to charge and invoice the guest, which helps to save you time having to obtain payment card details from the guest.

If the channel sends you a VCC for a reservation, in addition to all the fields found on a regular payment card, there will be a Payment type field indicating the payment card is a virtual credit card.

Certain channels may also supply extra VCC information:

  • Balance — the amount available to be charged to the VCC (which usually matches the reservation’s Outstanding balance field found on the Payment summary ).

  • Activation date — the first date you can charge for the reservation using this VCC.

  • Deactivation date — the date the VCC is no longer valid; you cannot charge the VCC after this date.

💡 Note:

  • Most channels recommend charging the full balance of the virtual credit card in one transaction. Please refer to the channel's policy on charging virtual credit cards.

  • Our platform accepts updates to payment card information on reservation modification and cancellation; therefore, the Payment type , Balance , Activation date , and Deactivation date may change.

  • Some channels do not trigger a reservation modification whenever funds are deducted from the VCC; in that case, the Balance displayed in our platform will not change — even if there is no outstanding balance to be paid.

View the CVV/CVC of a payment card

CVV or CVC (the 3- or 4-digit number found on the front or back of payment cards) are considered sensitive authentication data (SAD). For security reasons, SAD must not be stored after payment authorization, following requirement 3.2 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, also known as PCI DSS. (Learn more about PCI requirement on CVVs/CVCs).

As our platform is PCI DSS compliant, it does not store CVV or CVC data.

Depending on the channel integration, you can locate the CVV/CVC in one of the following:

  • If our platform sends the property’s booking confirmation e-mails for the channel — find the CVV/CVC in a PDF attachment on your booking confirmation e-mail. The booking confirmation e-mail can be configured on each channel with this functionality under its Channel settings.

  • If the channel sends their own property’s booking confirmation e-mails — find the CVV/CVC in the channel 's extranet, depending on the channel where the reservation has originated from. Contact the channel’s support team for further guidance.

💡 Note:

  • Booking confirmation e-mails with PDF attachments containing the CVC/CVV numbers are immediately deleted from our servers after being sent.

  • Keep your CVVs/CVCs safe. As you are dealing with sensitive authentication data, make sure you control who has access to the e-mail account receiving the booking confirmation e-mails we send.

  • Our platform only sends the property’s booking confirmation e-mails for channels with the field Reservation e-mail address under their Channel settings.

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