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Checking how much guests enjoyed their stay

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Post-stay rating tab

Provides you with statistics based on the rating a guest gives in your post-stay feedback emails.

Happy/unhappy guests table

This table breaks down the ratings your guests gave you based on whether they were positive (ratings 4 and 5) or negative (ratings 1 to 3), by month.

Post-stay rating chart

This chart aggregates the post-stay ratings given to you by your guests either by day, week, or month.

Post-stay rating average

This chart shows you the average post-stay rating your guests gave you, either daily, weekly, or monthly.

Rating Breakdown table - Language

Shows the average post-stay rating from the past 28 days based on guest language.

Rating Breakdown table - Room type

Shows the average post-stay rating from the past 28 days based on the guest's room type.

If you notice that some room types consistently have a lower average rating than others, some possible reasons why could include:

  • This room type has not been refurbished recently and was different to what guests saw when making their booking

  • Guests might have stayed in one of your more expensive room types and felt that the price was not good value

Survey results tab

If your property uses Guest Engagement's survey feature for negative post-stay ratings, this tab will show you the aggregated results received daily, weekly, or monthly. If you have free text answers in your survey, those responses will be displayed as well.

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