Scheduled emails

Automatically communicating with your guests.

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What is it?

Scheduled emails are the emails that you setup which Guest Engagement will send to your guests at different times during the guest journey.

What types of emails can be sent to guests?

Guest Engagement can send the following types of emails.

Pre-stay: Reservation confirmation

This email can be used to replace the email that your PMS sends your guests, for example; usually because those emails might be quite basic, not look that good, or you don't have much or any control over the content and format of the email.

Pre-stay: Upsell

The most commonly sent email; it will usually include any important information about a guest's stay, and also includes upsell features, including a button to open the Concierge, and three example offers from the Concierge.

Pre-stay: Information

The same as the Upsell email, except without any buttons or links to the Concierge.

During stay: Feedback

Ask your guests how their stay is going so far! If there are any issues that you can sort out while they are still at your hotel, it greatly reduces the likelihood that the guest will leave a negative review!

Post-stay: Feedback

Thank the guest for staying at your property, and provide them with useful information about their stay.

Post-stay: Reminder

If the guest doesn't rate their stay, send them a gentle reminder email asking them to do so.

To see how to create emails, and the functionality attached to each type, please go back to the previous section.

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