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What is it?

This feature allows you to easily export your guests to Mailchimp.

Note that all guests will be exported, irrespective of whether they have given consent under GDPR. This is because it is not up to Guest Engagement to assume the type of contact you might initiate with your guests; however, when exported, it is indicated if the guest opted in or not.

How does it work?

Go to Guests > Mailchimp export.

  1. Enter your Mailchimp API key here.

  2. Click Save changes.

  3. Click Choose guests to choose which guests to export, and to which list in Mailchimp to which you want to add them.

Where to find your Mailchimp API key

Generating an API key in Mailchimp is very simple. Mailchimp has a clear, short guide on how to do it, which you can view here.

Exporting your guests to Mailchimp

Once you have successfully entered your API key, you can export your guests.

How to export guests

Click the Choose guests to export to Mailchimp button. You will see the following dialog:

  1. Choose the list in Mailchimp to which you want the guests added. Alternatively, you can also create an entirely new list for this export.

  2. Enter the date range, based on date of arrival, of guests you want to export

  3. Click the Export button. After a few seconds, the process will be completed. After another few seconds, the results will be visible in your Mailchimp account.

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