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How does Guest Engagement know which language to show to a guest?
How does Guest Engagement know which language to show to a guest?

Lots of clever technology, but humans still have the final say.

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There are many ways Guest Engagement is able to know the language of your guest, and so display emails and the Concierge with that language.

The most common way for us to know the guest's language is from your reservation data:

Now that we have that information, we will communicate with the guest using that language.

If the guest speaks a language which you do not have as active in Guest Engagement, or they speak a language that Guest Engagement does not yet support, they will see the language you have set as the Default language.

How else can we know the guest's language?

Guest Engagement has some clever ways to identify the language of a guest. For example, we can often detect which language the guest's browser uses, or which language their email client uses (eg. Gmail, Outlook, etc).

Finally, the guest can choose their language. This choice will override everything else, including the language listed in their reservation.

So, if the guests changes the language in the Concierge from English to German, then we will show all information in German from then on, even if the language in their reservation is English.

Should I enable a new language in Guest Engagement?

Good question! Check out this article, which will help you to determine if it is worth activating a new language, based on live statistics about your guests.

Then, you can easily get our best tips on how to go about it, should you decide it's time to do so.

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