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How can I tell if an email has been sent to a guest?
How can I tell if an email has been sent to a guest?

Here's where you can see which emails have been sent, and which are still to send.

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To see if an email has been sent to a guest, first navigate to Guests > Guest list, and then click on a guest's name to open their profile.

The list of emails sent and/or to be sent to that guest are listed in their profile:

Why do we do it like this?

Guest Engagement allows you to create and send as many pre, during, and post stay emails as you like.

Each of these emails have different settings that allow you to control who should receive them.

For example, the during-stay email can be sent only people who are staying more than 3 nights. Or, you might prevent emails from being sent to guests who booked via OTA.

As a result, the number of emails each guest could receive will possibly be different. Displaying this information in the guest list would be extremely difficult, and so this was the most practical way to do it.

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