Set up your guest communication emails

Learn about the different types of emails and how to configure, preview and send emails

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Learn about the different types of emails, configuring your emails based on your guest’s preferred language, how to design beautiful emails that look great on any device, determine when your email should be sent and the steps to preview how your email will look for your guests on both desktop and mobile.

Action items 🔧

You can choose to set up scheduled emails for:

✅ Information

✅ Upsell for pre- and during-stay

✅ Reservation confirmations

✅ Check-in

✅ During- and post-stay feedback

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Scheduled Emails Overview

Email Segmentation: Overview

Email design tips 💡

✔️ Optimise subject line and pre header text — These should be attention-grabbing, snappy and work together as a pair.

✔️ Seek opportunities for personalisation — Incorporate the guest’s name in your subject line and email body content.

✔️ Convey your brand’s personality — Use colour palettes that match your branding.

✔️ Keep your email body content short — A shorter email will let you have a single focus right away and will be easier for your guests to read and take action.

✔️ Reduce cognitive load — Do not include too many call-to-actions (CTAs) in your email.

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