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Front Desk and Guest Engagement - Advanced Check-in
Front Desk and Guest Engagement - Advanced Check-in
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Important to know:

  • Advanced check-in is available to all Little Hotelier customers who have Guest Engagement.

  • Advanced check-in is not currently available to Little Hotelier customers in Italy.


If you are currently using a Guest Engagement check-in form to collect guest’s check-in details prior to their arrival, you will now be able to see these details in Front Desk, helping you to provide a seamless and efficient check-in experience for guests.

How it works

Once a guest has completed the online pre-check-in form, all details captured in the form are recorded on the Guest profile within Guest Engagement. These details are also synced with the corresponding reservation record in Front Desk.

To check if the details have been received, find the reservation in the Calendar and hover over the magnifying glass, the Pre-check-in field should say Received.

Reservation details in Front Desk

All information provided by guests in the check-in form will be added to the Reservation record in the following tabs:

  • Details: primary guest and payment information

  • Guests: additional guest information

  • Guest Engagement: custom questions

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