Manage your room types
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Important to know:

  • To manage your room types, go to Rooms and rates > Room types.

Navigate the Room types tab

The Room types tab has the following filters and buttons.

  • Filter room types — search room types by selecting filters from a drop-down menu.

  • Clear all — clear the selected filter(s).

  • Expand all —see your room types’ information in more detail. (Once clicked, this button transforms into Collapse all , which hides any expanded room type details.)

  • Reorder —change the order of your room types.

  • Add room type —create a new room type.

  • Ellipsis button (...) — open an actions menu which contains the Import room types feature, a function that can help you create room types in bulk by importing a .csv file with room type details.

Review room type details

The Room types tab displays all of the room types you have created. To review these in more detail, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Rooms and rates > Room types.

  2. You will see a simplified version of the room types — this is the default setting.

  3. To see these in more detail, choose one of the following options:

  4. Click on the down arrow (⌄) on each room type to see all of its details.

  5. Click on Expand all to show the details of all of your room types.

  6. Once the room type details have been expanded, you will see the following information.


  • Maximum occupancy — the maximum number of guests allowed to stay in this room type.

  • Maximum adults/children/infants — the maximum number of adults/children/infants permitted to stay in this room type.


  • Bed type configuration —the type of bed (for example, single, double, king, etc).

  • Room size — the size of the room, in either metres or feet.

  • Smoking policy — the room’s smoking policy.

  • Number of bathrooms — the number of bathrooms in the room type.

  • Room category — the room’s type. The system considers any type of accommodation to be a room type, so this could be anything from a room to an apartment, caravan, cottage, villa or even a houseboat.

  • Room view — the room type’s view, whether it is of a garden, pool, city, etc.

  • Amenities and facilities — the features, facilities, and amenities available in the room and/or the accommodation.

Media — the images assigned to the room type.

Reorder your room types

Reordering room types will update their order in your inventory grid and your connected channels. (To reorder how they are displayed in your direct booking engine, check how to set up guest display options.)

To reorder room types:

  1. Go to Rooms and rates > Room types.

  2. Click on the Reorder button.

  3. Locate the room type that you want to move.

  4. Drag and drop the room type to the desired spot in the list.

  5. Save and confirm the update.

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