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Pushing guests to your subscriber list
Pushing guests to your subscriber list

Find out the process to send guests to your subscriber list the right way

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Disclaimer: You are responsible for acting in accordance with data protection laws and regulations in the jurisdiction of your property with regards to people opting in or being opted-in as subscribers to your marketing lists. Please bear that in mind when reading this article.

Whew! Now that the stern stuff is out of the way, we can get into it.

You have the ability to select guests from your reservations and add them as subscribers in your Campaigns module.

A common use case for doing this is to import previous guests and send them a campaign email asking if they would like to stay as subscribers, or opt out - a nice way of boosting the number of subscribers you have.

The first step is to consider if you need to tag these guests when subscribing them. For example, in the scenario above, you might want to use something like guestimportsep2022 so that you can identify them and ultimately build a segment based on the tag(s) you use. This ultimately depends on what you intend to do with these new subscribers.

Start by going to Campaigns > Subscribers > Tags tab and add the tag(s) you need:

Click Save changes once you're done.

Then, once you have added the tag(s) you need, go to Guests > Guest list to search for guests you want to add as subscribers:

Use the filtering options highlighted above to select the guests you need.

For this example, we have applied filtering to select all guests with an arrival date up until yesterday (that is, all past guests):

Next, click the Push to subscribers button in the top right corner. You will be presented with the following:

Select the tag(s) you created in the first step.

Note that you cannot add new tags here. The tag(s) that you use must be added in the first step.

Click the Push button when you are ready. The process is fairly fast to complete, however if you are pushing many thousands of guests to your subscriber list, it might be a minute or two before all of them are visible in the Campaigns module.

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